A Gift from Mom


I had a couple of errands to run today before my workday began.  First I had to go to the lab for some blood work (nothing serious…just follow-up from my annual physical) and then I had to go to the Service Canada Office to get a replacement social insurance number document.  (I recently went looking for my birth certificate and social insurance number card so I could put them in a safe place, only to realize I had misplaced them!) The blood work I needed to have done was the kind that required fasting from supper time the night before.  In years gone by, whenever I had to have a fasting blood test done, and if I mentioned it to my Mother, she would slip me some change and tell me to get myself a cup of coffee and a “little treat” when it was over. My Mother knew me well.  She knew that breakfast was my favourite meal of the day and that I would be “starving” by the time the blood test was over.  My Mother died in 2012.  I miss her.  I decided that I would “treat” myself to a coffee and a muffin on my way home…just like Mom would have done.

When I returned home from my errands, I tucked my new social insurance document safely away with all of my other important papers.  The loss of the original documents still bothers me.  It’s not like me to lose track of such important documents. Even though I had the new documents safely tucked away, I decided to search for the old ones one more time. I had always kept the old documents in a special little brown plastic card holder in my purse. Perhaps I had moved it into my wallet.  No…not there. I have a couple of “backup” wallets (old ones that could still work in a pinch) that I keep in my dresser drawer.  I decided to pull them out and see if I had tucked the documents in there.  One of these old wallets used to belong to my Mother.  When I opened it I couldn’t believe what I found.  No…I didn’t find my birth certificate and social insurance card.  What I found was much more valuable than that.  In the change compartment of Mom’s old wallet I found coins…coins totalling exactly what I had paid for my coffee and muffin earlier in the morning. It was as if Mom was once again telling me to “have a little treat” on her.

It’s the little things we do for others that make the biggest difference. Appreciate the little things that others do for you…and don’t forget to pay if forward.


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