This spring I joined the Sauble Singers, a community choir based in Sauble Beach, Ontario.  The group rehearses and performs from April to August each year and then takes a hiatus for the rest of the year.  This lengthy break is necessitated by the fact that most of the members are snowbirds…retired people who spend their winters in the southern United States.  (Since age is relative, this group makes me feel like a youngster!)  We practice every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to noon.  Yesterday the group held its “Spring Social”.  It was a potluck luncheon held in the main hall of the Sauble Community Centre. 

I don’t have an opportunity to attend many potlucks any more.  With food allergies and health concerns seeming to be more prominent nowadays, people tend to shy away from such events.  Personally, I love potluck dinners.  There are always so many things to try and everyone always seems to try to bring something unique and delicious.  This particular potluck brought to mind the potluck dinners of my childhood.  As a child I belonged to Brownies and then Girl Guides.  Every year at the end of June the Brownies and Guides would host a Mother-Daughter banquet.  It was a potluck of sorts.  I suppose a true potluck means everyone brings whatever they like.  For the Mother-Daughter banquet, each girl was assigned the type of dish she was to bring – main course, salad, rolls or dessert.  Everyone always hoped they would be assigned the category that best suited their mother’s specialty.  Everyone wanted an opportunity for their mother to shine.  Although everything my mother made was delicious, she was an especially good baker.  In my second year of Girl Guides I was finally assigned the “dessert” category for the Mother-Daughter banquet.  My mother made a lemon meringue pie.  The highlight of the evening was when my Guide Captain approached my mother and asked, “Are you the one who made the lemon meringue pie…the one with the flaky pastry and the perfect meringue?”

I was incredibly proud of my mother at that moment.  I knew my mother was a wonderful baker but to have that opinion supported by an individual I respected took my knowledge and turned it into pride.  Imagine…a compliment offered 40 years ago still lives in my memory!


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